Nurse and Health Care Assistants

Nursing and care staff are required to perform a variety of tasks. We expect all our staff to go above and beyond their basic requirements to keep patients and clients happy.

1. Help patients with washing and dressing
2. Feeding or serving food.
3. Changing patient beds.
4. Helping patients to mobilize
5. Talking and listening to them, making them comfortable and easy.
6. Helping patients to the toileting.
7. Supervising or monitoring the patient’s condition regularly.
8. Maintaining the equipment and supplied handy and in order.
9. Accompanying patients between departments.
10. And any other tasks relating to looking after patients.

The main goal of our Support workers at Connect, is to make the patients comfortable, just as they would be at home.


1. Communicating effectively with the client, the multi disciplinary team and Draycott Nursing
2. Keeping accurate, factual written accounts of your time with the client
3. Following the Draycott Nursing Administering Medication Policy, as outlined in the handbook
4. An awareness of the client’s emotional and spiritual needs
5. Observing and following the Draycott Nursing Health and Safety policy
6. It is the responsibility of each member of staff to prevent and control infection.
7. Care of intravenous therapy
8. Care of a syringe driver/pump
9. Administration of medicines, injections, enemas and suppositories
10. Dressings
11. Catheter care (change of catheters for females only)
12. Bladder wash outs
13. Feeds via a PEG tube
14. Vital signs
15. Management of MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) including information sharing if client is transferred
16. Any other related tasks