Why Connect Nursing Agency?


  • Last minute provision of medical staff
    We understand the need for good staffing levels. We are constantly recruiting the highest quality nurses and carers. We use our database to collate all our information and can easily access our records. This allows us to provide you with the right staff anytime of the day or night. Whether it’s at 2am or 11pm we will always answer your call and provide the right staff.


  • Variety of staff
    From registered nurses to support workers and healthcare assistants, Connect Nursing Agency provides clients with a wide range of staff. This ensures that we can provide the correct staff to the job


  • Personalised form of care
    All our staff are compassionate and caring people. They understand that every client is different and have their own needs. This knowledge allows them to perform their duties in way that suits you more closely.


  • Compliance with the CQC
    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) refers to essential standards that directly relate to the quality of care provided. Our experienced and qualified health care professionals are provided with regular training and development, which allows them to work confidently. In addition to this, our compliance system keeps us informed of training and documentation.


  • Stringent Registration Procedures
    Along with maintaining compliance with the existing standards, we also have a rigorous recruitment program which includes verification of data and registration information. Enhanced CRB checks, verification of qualification and training certificates, occupational health checks and verification of career history and qualifications are some of the checks carried out as a part of our recruitment drive. These stringent registration procedures are the reason why we can ensure quality staff to our clients at all times.

Thus, our strong desire for continued success enables us to provide our clients with world class health care and support.

Connect Nursing Agency is a leading nursing agency based in Leytonstone, London. We have been providing efficient and effective temporary health care recruitment services to our clients since 2000.

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