Live-in care

Live in care is a home service that permits your loved ones to stay at home, in their comfort zone with one to one support, without moving to a residential care home.

The live in carer will help with all the errands, like showering and dressing, cooking the way you prefer your food in daily life, laundry and many other tasks. They can accompany you or your loved ones to hobbies or can be a friendly ear to listen.

Our services also included hiring the carers for complex situations like dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis etc.

Our carer :
1. Will cook for you.
2. Would accompany you for casual chit chats.
3. Perform domestic errands like cleaning, laundry, making beds.
4. Help your loved ones with medications
5. Assist you in bathroom, shaving etc.
6. Will look after your animals.

The carer for you is arranged on your terms and needs. Our carers can work for you full time or for a particular requested period of time.

So call us now to arrange a no obligation quote or even if you need to bridge the gap between the already existing arrangements.

Why should you choose us?

• We are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
• Our reputation is built more on word of mouth.
• You can contact our nurses anytime you need them

Should you think you need to know more about our services,

Call us at 020 8988 1110 or fill in the contact us form on our website.
We will get back to you to discuss your requirements.